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August 9, 2018
Flow Cytometry Self-RegateTech-Only Clients: A software update is required before Monday, August 27.  FCS Express Reader Version 6 (rather than the current Version 4) will be needed to regate results published August 27 and afterward. Please see “Instructions to Download FCS Express Reader Version 6” in the Documents tab and complete the update as soon as possible.  Version 6 will open Version 4 workbooks, but not vice versa. Thank you for your attention. 
August 2, 2018

Hot weather reminder: Please use summer precautions when shipping your specimens to any NeoGenomics site to prevent block melting and hemolysis of blood and marrow samples. Don't forget to include a refrigerated cold pack in your shipments, making sure the cold pack is not in direct contact with the specimens. Thank you.