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Memorial Day Schedule

Memorial Day Schedule

Logistics: FedEx is closed for the Memorial Day holiday (no pickups or deliveries). Any specimens shipped from client locations on Friday, May 27 will have an expected delivery day of Saturday, May 28, when Saturday delivery has been properly marked. Specimens shipped on Saturday, May 28 will have an expected delivery to NeoGenomics on Tuesday, May 31. Though regularly scheduled daily pick-ups will not occur on Monday, May 30 we are available to pick up STAT cases or specimens where viability is a concern. For these cases, please call Client Services at 866.776.5907, option 1 for assistance.

Operations: NeoGenomics Operations will continue to process samples on Memorial Day, Monday, May 30 to deliver quality test results with no delays to turnaround time caused by the holiday.

Client Services: Representatives will be available to provide assistance as needed on May 30. Please call 866.776.5907, and press option 3.

Billing: Please call 866.776.5907, press option 2, and follow the prompts to leave a message. Your call will be returned on Tuesday, May 31.

Test Updates

Requirement of NPI Number with Orders

Starting July 2022, NPI numbers of both Ordering and Treating Physicians will be required on all orders with NeoGenomics across all platforms (paper requisitions, online orders, and interfaced orders). NPI numbers are important for report distribution and billing accuracy. If possible, please make all necessary preparations by July 2022 to ensure your orders will be completed with appropriate NPI numbers. Please stay tuned for further info and reminders from your Neo Sales Consultants and NeoNEWS. For any questions, please contact our Client Services team at 1.866.776.5907 option 3.



BCR-ABL1 Non-Standard p230Effective Monday, June 6th, reflex option to BCR-ABL1 p230 testing when BCR-ABL1 Standard p210, p190 is negative will be available.

  • BCR-ABL1 p230 translocation is a very rare abnormality in Ph+ chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) patients.
  • Testing for BCR-ABL1 p230 translocation may be necessary only if the more common p210 and p190 BCR-ABL1 translocations are tested negative.
  • Ordering option will appear as follows:
    • Paper requisition: BCR-ABL1 Standard p210, p190 with reflex to BCR-ABL1 Non-Standard p230 if negative
    • Online Ordering:

      Note: Test is RNA-based, hence NOT suitable for Freeze & Hold option
  • Reflex option to BCR-ABL1 p230 is not available to New York clients as the test is not NYSDOH-approved.
  • No changes apply to CPT codes or pricing.

FLT3 Testing with NeoTYPE® Heme ProfilesEffective Monday, June 6, FLT3 by PCR (via FLT3 Mutation Analysis) will be available to be ordered, as Client-Bill only, in conjunction with the following NeoTYPE® Heme Profiles:

  • NeoTYPE® AML Prognostic Profile
  • NeoTYPE® MDS/CMML Profile
  • NeoTYPE® Myeloid Disorders Profile

It will be an additional test order and reported separately from the NeoTYPE® Profile (which includes the FLT3 gene by NGS). This test combination is intended to be used for the purpose of prompt therapy selection in patients with a new diagnosis of AML.

Ordering options will be available as follows:

  • NeoTYPE® AML Prognostic Profile
  • NeoTYPE® AML Prognostic Profile (plus FLT3 by PCR)
  • NeoTYPE® MDS/CMML Profile
  • NeoTYPE® MDS/CMML Profile (plus FLT3 by PCR)
  • NeoTYPE® Myeloid Disorders Profile
  • NeoTYPE® Myeloid Disorders Profile (plus FLT3 by PCR)

Note: This new ordering structure will replace the current process which, by default, includes preliminary FLT3 testing by PCR with all orders of the aforementioned NeoTYPE® Profiles.

Please contact your local NeoGenomics Sales Consultant or our Client Services team at 1.866.776.5907 option 3 for pricing.


Update to NeoTYPE® Colorectal and Endometrial Profiles: Effective Monday, June 6th, MLH1 Promoter Methylation Analysis will be removed from these two solid tumor profiles. Microsatellite instability analysis and BRAF mutation analysis by NGS remain part of these profiles for Lynch Syndrome assessment and interpretation, respectively. Options to follow up MSI-high results include add-on MMR IHC and/or stand-alone MLH1 Promoter Methylation Analysis.

This change is part of ongoing efforts to maintain efficiency in our laboratory. No price or CPT code changes apply to the impacted NeoTYPE Profiles.


Interface Updates

For interface-related test changes taking effect on Monday June 6th, click here for a downloadable document to view the impacted interface test codes.

If you have interface questions, please contact 

IMPORTANT MESSAGE – NeoLINK - Limited Functionality within Internet Explorer

As you may be aware, starting June 15, 2022, the Internet Explorer 11 desktop application will no longer be supported by Microsoft.  As a result, effective 04/25/2022, NeoGenomics Laboratories will no longer ensure NeoLINK is compatible within any version of Internet Explorer.  Customers using Internet Explorer may experience loss of functionality while navigating throughout NeoLINK.      

Customers are encouraged to move to Microsoft Edge, which provides support for legacy and modern websites and apps.  Google Chrome is also an acceptable and supported alternative. 

If you have any questions or concerns please contact NeoGenomics Client Services at 866-776-5907, Option 3.

Thank you,

IT Development and Security, NeoGenomics Laboratories