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Test Updates



PD-L1 testing update for NeoTYPE® Gastric and GI Predictive Profiles

As result of the recent PD-L1 22C3 approval for Gastric/GEA, effective Monday, April 15th, we will be switching from using the PD-L1 LDT test to the PD-L1 22C3 FDA Gastric/GEA test within the NeoTYPE Gastric Profile and NeoTYPE GI Predictive Profile.

  • KEYTRUDA® is approved for use in Gastric/GEA patients whose tumors express PD-L1 with a Combined Positive Score (CPS) ≥ 1
  • Stain-only (tech-only) testing is available to clients who have completed the test kit manufacturer’s online interpretation training.
  • No changes to level of service, CPT Codes, or TAT

Molecular Specimen Hold Services – Effective Monday April 15th, the following updates will be implemented.

  • Discontinuation:
    • Freeze & Hold option will be discontinued. Please select one of the Extract & Hold options listed below as a replacement.
  • Expansion:
    • Extract & Hold option will be available as follows. Options can be ordered individually or concurrently, if desired
      • Extract & Hold – DNA: DNA will be isolated from viable cells and stored in freezer. Select this option if possible test to be ordered is DNA-based. Examples: FLT3 Mutation Analysis, IDH1/IDH2 Mutation Analysis by PCR
      • Extract & Hold – RNA: RNA will be isolated from viable cells and stored in freezer. Select this option if possible test to be ordered is RNA-based. Examples: IgVH Mutation Analysis, PML-RARA Translocation t(15;17)
      • Extract & Hold – TNA: Total nucleic acid (TNA), i.e. both DNA and RNA, will be isolated from viable cells and stored in freezer. Select this option if possible test to be ordered is TNA-based. Examples: NGS assays, such as Neo Comprehensive and NeoTYPE profiles.
    • Analysis is not performed until testing is ordered. Processed samples are retained for 28 days.
    • Charges will be waived when testing is ordered on held specimens. Otherwise, a fee will be billed to client for each extraction option that is ordered. For pricing information, please contact your local NeoGenomics sales rep or Client Services at 866.776.5907, option 3.
  • Coming Soon on April 12! Test webpage to list all tests available for each aforementioned Extract & Hold option to assist with the ordering of the service.


Additional Updates

Updated Zip Codes for Fed Ex Shipments

NeoGenomics will now be using unique zip codes on all of it's Fed Ex labels for specimens sent to either the Fort Myers, FL or Aliso Viejo, CA laboratories. These new zip codes will provide more efficient deliveries and will reduce delays or errors. New specimen kits have been updated to use the new labels. The new zip codes are: HQ Lab (Fort Myers, Florida) 33900 and AV Lab (Aliso Viejo, CA) 92600. The old labels currently with specimen kits will continue to work as well.


NeoLINK Enhancements

Test add-on; CAP Specimen Processing updates

To improve customer experience when submitting a test add-on request for predictive biomarkers, we are making the following enhancements effective Monday, April 15th:

  • The specimen processing information section is now located on the right panel underneath the submit section instead of underneath the test selection section.
  • The specimen processing information section will now default to the specimen assigned to the case the add-on was submitted under. If necessary, the specimen number can be changed from the default in the drop down.

NeoLINK user inactivation alerts

NeoLINK users are automatically inactivated after 90 days of inactivity. In order to help remind NeoLINK users that they need to login prior to inactivation and reduce reactivation calls to our client services team, an email alert reminder will now be sent. This email alert will occur 10 days prior to inactivation and then again 1 day prior to inactivation instructing on keeping the account active.


Interface Updates

For a complete list of interface-related test changes, click here for a downloadable document to view the impacted interface test codes.