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New FISH Signal Guide Available - June 18, 2019
FISH Tech-Only Clients (non-New York), please download the new FISH Signal Guide v13.0. Cut-offs for most lymphoma probes in FFPE specimens have changed effective with samples received June 17th. Please be aware of cut-offs in macros that may need to updated to account for new cut-offs for these recent cases. Macros will be updated after a crossover period and clients will be notified of that date. 
Medical Necessity for Online Orders

Effective June 23rd 2019, when completing an online order an additional attestation to support Medical Necessity will appear when placing an order. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (“CMS”) requires a signed physician order be maintained in the patient record for each test ordered or the signature of the ordering physician/pathologist on the test requisition form attesting to the medical necessity of each test, or panel of tests ordered. For more information in regards to Medical Necessity, please read NeoGenomics Annual letter to Physicians, located here.