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September 11, 2019 - FISH Heme Probe Splitting

Tech-Only FISH Clients including New York: Certain heme probe combinations have been separated and will appear as individual items in case review and reports beginning with samples received September 9. ALL, AML, CLL, MDS, and Myeloma panels are impacted. Please download new FISH Signal Guides version 13.1 for non-New York, version 7.0 for New York, and version 6.0 for NeoTYPE non-New York. Changes are summarized on the last page of each guide.

Please see the presentation "FISH Screen Changes: Probe Splitting" in NeoUniversity at for details and screenshots.

September 11, 2019 - MGMT IHC Discontinuation
MGMT IHC will be discontinued September 14th. Please consider ordering instead the molecular test MGMT Promoter Methylation Analysis.
Specimen Packaging Notice

When sending us a specimen, please ensure you are sending an appropriately packaged specimen without biopsy needles, blades, or any other foreign object. Inappropriate packaging will result in viability issues for fresh specimens, health hazards for those working with the specimen, delay in turnaround time, and/or minimal tissue issues. If you have any questions please contact our Client Services team at 866.776.5907, option 3.